Spring study tour 2019

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Age of student: from 12 to 17
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Registration: 1st September  – 30th November

Study tour description?

  • This study tour program designed on the Lunar New Year Occasion in Vietnam and in summer in Australia is a perfect choice for your time-table and your experiences in Sydney.
  • Student will join high quality English class & cultural afternoon activities and excursions such as Sydney Opera House, Madame Tussaud Museum Sydney, sunny Bondi beach…
  • Join BBQ party with Homestay host and international friends; special and meaningful experiences at Host family after school time.
  • Special Gift for student: Vondafone SIM with a $40 recharge to be used while staying in Australia.

To read more details…

Brochure (PDF)

Song An (12 years old)

Summer Study Tour 2018

Before the trip, my mom said I will have to live with Australian host and go to school by myself by public train. I was so puzzled but when I arrived, that was a 180 - degree change. I spent three weeks living with the host and her two sons. The host family was really friendly; her will take care of you as a family member. The house was spacious and comfortable. There was also a small dog living with us. Everyday I go to school with my brother. The best time was when playing basketball and some ball games with our lovely dog. At the weekend, the whole family took me out for shopping, watching cricket match. The last time we went shopping before I had to go back to Vietnam, I got so emotional when they asked me to buy ingredients so that we could cook “phở” together. They said that it might help me with my homesick.

Chau Giang

Summer Study Tour 2018

The first thing I want to say: "I wish I could return to this beautiful country again". I am the only one in my study tour team go to school from homestay by public bus not by train. Coming back to homestay in the first two days, I felt tired cause of car sickness, then my talkative host asked me everything, my day was so long. But on the 4th and 5th day, I felt really well when traveling by bus. Suddenly, I can respond easily to every English story of my host, these were so attractive. Especially, I took a role as a math tutor for host's 6-year-old daughter for more than two weeks. All of every things are so open and so useful to me, I have done things that I never thought I could do.

Thuc Uyen

Summer Study Tour 2018

Before living with this homestay I did not disclose that I was very afraid of dog. And accidentally my host family has a dog but it is unexpected that the dog was lovely. I was taught how to be friendly with pets. I also visited the Taronga Zoo with other friends in our group. I realized that the nature was really attractive. All the fears latter became things that I wouldn’t worry about. Returning to Vietnam after 3 weeks of studying, all the experiences were unforgettable for me, especially the dog. Now I still keep in touch with my host family so that I can see the dog through the camera. And he was so cute.

Tien Dat

Summer Study Tour 2018

The most common thing that people talk about me is that “Dat rarely smiles”, but during and after the trip I became a new person. My dad called the manager immediately to thank her. As you can see in the pictures, I smiled all the times. I remembered that our pink uniforms were really standing out from the crowd no matter where we were. I miss you guys so much!

Thai Bao (14 years old)

Summer Study Tour 2018

When my parents told me to take this 3 - week course, I hesitated. That’s the reason why I was the last one who submitted the visa application. And then I found out that “salted fish doesn’t go bad”. It was so wonderful! I could learn. I could visit all the popular places in every afternoons. I also voted for the World Cup. How cool is that! English was the only language that we used. In English class, if we said something in Vietnamese, there would be a “punishment” from our pretty teacher. And of course when we were back home, we cannot express anything in Vietnamese. This is the first time that I leaved HCM City. The warm clothes were a bit strange to me and also we had to do the laundry by ourselves. I still can not believe that I did it - taking care of myself for 3 weeks.

Why choose us?

  • Annalink OSHCstudents is a globally recognized network with many years of experiences in working with international students and local schools in Australia.
  • We have friendly and effective student support system.
  • Our office is based in Sydney that is quite easy to support students and solve the situation.

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