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4 Common Things to Avoid While Studying Abroad

OSHC Students – Once you’ve made the decision of studying abroad, you need to prepare for all potential scenarios you may encounter. Sure, there are lots of positive experiences waiting for you, but it’s also easy to find yourself feeling helpless during your new adventure. For example, not understanding the way money works in this new country, not knowing where to go, or misunderstanding what someone is telling you.

In general, each of our international students sees the same experience differently. Why? Because we are all impacted uniquely by the challenges of living in a new country, meeting new people, and keeping up with an unknown academic environment. Having said that, we talked to our students and listed a few of the common things to avoid while studying abroad.

Stay Away From These 4 Things While Studying Abroad

As we mentioned above, every student goes through their own journey and has their own stories to share. However, these four issues are common conversation topics among Harvest English Institute international students. Check them out and keep an eye on what things to avoid while studying abroad.

1. Spending Too Much

When you live in another country, the smart thing to do is find a way to save money. Sure, it is tempting to go on shopping sprees, but you need to spend in moderation. Purchase items that might serve you on a daily basis. You can eat out once in a while, but not too often, as it might hurt your budget. Try to save money by cooking for yourself, or hosting a potluck with your roommates or friends.


Purchase items that might serve you on a daily basis

2. Getting Intoxicated

Now that you are abroad, you will meet new people and get invited to parties and social gatherings. At a party, there is a possibility that you may be offered alcoholic beverages. Please keep in mind that if you are of age, drinking on special occasions can be accepted. However, it should not be part of your routine. Sometimes, exchange students believe that it is part of the culture, so they want to immerse themselves in this new way of life and feel accepted among their peers.

Drinking to excess is not a good idea.  It is understandable that you want to fit in but it should not be at any cost. You might put yourself at risk and it is not worth it. The best piece of advice is to be reasonable and responsible.

3.  Failing Your Classes

Always take your studies abroad seriously and dedicate most of your time to your academic commitments. A few institutions give only pass/fail credits, which implies that you need a C or better to even pass, whereas others calculate your international grades into your GPA. Attend your classes on time, participate in class, and do not miss exams.


Attend your classes on time, participate in class, and do not miss exams.

Being meticulous with your work is important, as it is doing your best not to jeopardize your future. After all of that hard work to be accepted into the program, you should try not let your guard down. Dedicating yourself to your education is key.  That doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy yourself, but it should not prevent you from attaining your objectives.

4. Miss Opportunities to Make New Friends

When you embark on this journey, you should broaden your horizons anytime you have the chance. At times, international students do not get out of their comfort zone. For instance, they do not meet new people or would rather keep to themselves and avoid exploring their new territory. However, this is a huge mistake and you need to get out there and see what this new found land has to offer.

5. Enjoy Your Life as an International Student

As an F-1 student, you must watch every move you make since it could have a significant impact on your stay abroad and eventually force you to interrupt your studies. Be very serious and cautious about keeping your visa status. After all, you don’t want any unnecessary mistakes compromising your bright future.

Here at Harvest we’re used to dealing with F-1 cases and always keep our students updated about any changes or further requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team about any questions regarding this matter.

Emma (OSHCstudents) – According to harvest.net

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