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What to do in your first week in Australia?

OSHCstudents-Your first week in Australia can be an exciting time as you adjust to the new environment and begin exploring. Here are some suggestions on what to do during your first week.
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Get Settled

Upon arrival, take some time to get settled into your accommodation. Whether you’re staying in a hotel, hostel, or rental property, unpack your belongings and familiarize yourself with your surroundings.


If you’re a student or part of a program, attend any orientation sessions organized by your school, employer, or program provider. These sessions can provide valuable information about living in Australia, local customs, and essential services.

Explore Your Neighborhood

Take a stroll around your neighborhood to get acquainted with nearby amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, public transportation stops, and parks. This will help you feel more comfortable navigating your surroundings.

Learn About Local Culture

Immerse yourself in Australian culture by visiting museums, art galleries, or cultural centers. You can also try local cuisine at restaurants or cafes and interact with locals to learn more about their way of life.

Attend Events and Festivals

Check out any events or festivals happening in your area during your first week. Australia hosts a variety of cultural, music, and food festivals throughout the year, providing an excellent opportunity to experience the local culture.

Visit Tourist Attractions

Depending on where you’re located, visit some of Australia’s famous tourist attractions. Whether it’s exploring the Sydney Opera House, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, or taking a trip to Uluru, there’s plenty to see and do in Australia.

Meet New People

Make an effort to meet new people, whether it’s fellow travelers, locals, or other expatriates. Joining social groups, attending meetups, or participating in community events can help you build a network of friends and acquaintances.

Get to Know Public Transportation

Familiarize yourself with the public transportation system in your city. Learn how to use buses, trains, trams, or ferries to get around, as this will be essential for exploring the area and commuting to work or school.

Take Care of Practical Matters

Attend to any practical matters such as setting up a bank account, obtaining a local SIM card for your phone, and familiarizing yourself with healthcare services in Australia.

Relax and Enjoy

Finally, take some time to relax and enjoy your new surroundings. Moving to a new country can be overwhelming, so don’t forget to take breaks and enjoy the experience. Take photos, journal your experiences, and make the most of your first week in Australia.
If you are international student, a foreigner arriving in Australia, or Australian citizen traveling abroad looking for OSHC, OVHC, travel insurance, please contact Annalink team at email: info@oshcstudents.com and our partners for further information and assistance.
OSHCstudents Team

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Baek Ah Yeon

I trust Allianz Care since it is one of the largest insurance companies in Australia, with the medical centres where I only have to pay for what is left from insurance support. (no need to claim later). Besides, those centres are located at the centre of the city, close to schools. Very convenient, right? Credits to Allianz Care for providing reliable medical centres for health check and treatments.

Baek Ah Yeon | University of Queensland

Ariella Pei

I’ve been living with homestay family for 2 years. I’m now 19, I can move out but I don’t want to leave my host, who has become my family. It feels like I’ve met my second family. Thanks OSHCstudents for sending me to this homestay!

Ariella Pei | University of Canberra

Chatchawat Paton

I realised how important insurance was when I started living in Australia. There I switched to using Allianz Care instead of the previous service. Allianz Care is extraordinarily good in its consulting service and customer care. I’ve learned a lot about Australian health care, also I was consulted with mental issues and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am very happy now.

Chatchawat Paton | Torrent University

Xiaoyu Cheng

Thanks to Allianz Care, every time I claimed my medical receipts it processed much more quickly and easily than I expected. I was initially a bit concerned since Allianz Care is more expensive than other insurance companies, but now I can ensure that it is totally worth the money.

Xiaoyu Cheng | Monash University

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