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    Pre-existing conditions explained

    OSHC Students – There is a waiting period for pre-existing conditions. You cannot claim for costs arising during the waiting period if such costs arise from a pre-existing condition.

    A pre-existing condition is a medical condition (e.g. ailment, illness or condition) that you had signs or symptoms of during the six months before you arrived in Australia or your visa was granted, whichever is later.

    Most health funds apply waiting periods to pre-existing conditions to prevent people who are knowingly unwell from signing up for health insurance, claiming for a planned procedure, then leaving once they’ve received their benefits after minimal premium payments.

    There are thousands of conditions that can be assessed and found to be pre-existing so it is not practical to post a full list here.

    A pre-existing condition is a medical condition (e.g. ailment, illness or condition) that you had signs or symptoms of during the six months before you arrived in Australia or your visa was granted, whichever is later

    What’s a waiting period?

    A waiting period is the amount of time you need to wait before you can make a claim through your OSHC or OVHC policy. A waiting period is calculated from either the date you arrived in Australia or the date your visa was granted.   The waiting period will start from whichever of those dates is the most recent.

    Who decides if your condition is pre-existing?

    We will appoint or approve a medical practitioner to assess whether there were signs or symptoms of the condition prior to purchasing your cover.

    The medical practitioner will take into account any information relating to your ailment, illness or condition. The information will usually come from the medical practitioner who treated you. The condition may have been given a diagnosis, but if the symptoms or signs were there, then it can be considered a pre-existing condition.

    A health condition can still be considered pre-existing even if an illness had not been diagnosed prior to when you first got health cover from us.

    A pre-existing condition includes a secondary related condition or disability directly arising from a pre-existing condition.

    When can you claim for a pre-existing condition?

    When you can claim for a pre-existing condition will depend on the type of cover you have.

    There is a waiting period for pre-existing conditions. You cannot claim for costs arising during the waiting period if such costs arise from a pre-existing condition

    Some insurers impose certain waiting periods on their policies, during which time, claims cannot be made for expenses that occur in relation to pre-existing conditions. Some policies permanently exclude pre-existing conditions, meaning they can never be covered at all (i.e. there may not be a waiting period).

    If you purchase an OSHC or OVHC policy from us and don’t declare a pre-existing condition, your policy may be void if you make a claim for a pre-existing condition and its pre-existence is discovered. Alternatively, you might receive only partial payment for the claim. Furthermore, your claim, if investigated later.

    Part of your agreement in accepting the terms and conditions is that you consent for your information to be obtained from medical practitioners you have seen for the particular ailment.

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    Baek Ah Yeon

    I trust Allianz since it is one of the largest insurance companies in Australia, with the medical centres where I only have to pay for what is left from insurance support. (no need to claim later). Besides, those centres are located at the centre of the city, close to schools. Very convenient, right? Credits to Allianz for providing reliable medical centres for health check and treatments.

    Baek Ah Yeon | University of Queensland

    Ariella Pei

    I’ve been living homestay for 2 years. I’m now 19, I can to move out but I don’t want to leave my host, who has become my family. It feels like I’ve met my second family. Thanks OSHCstudents for sending me to this homestay!

    Ariella Pei | University of Canberra

    Chatchawat Paton

    I realised how important insurance was when I started living in Australia. There I switched to using Allianz instead of the previous service. Allianz is extraordinarily good in its consulting service and customer care. I’ve learned a lot about Australian health care, also I was consulted with mental issues and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am very happy now.

    Chatchawat Paton | Torrent University

    Phuong Anh

    Having lived in Australia for 2 years, I’ve been reliant on AHM OSHC to pay for my health care, which supports me for other expending. Last year, I sent my claim requests for several times and always received the claims within two days. Everything is easy, fast and simple.

    Phuong Anh | Victoria University

    Xiaoyu Cheng

    Thanks to Allianz, every time I claimed my medial receipts it processed much more quickly and easily than I expected. I was initially a bit concerned since Allianz is more expensive than other insurance companies, but now I can ensure that it is totally worth the money.

    Xiaoyu Cheng | Monash University


    My homestay was very comfortable and convenient. My host was really kind. He showed me where to shop, which buses to catch, where the nearest train station is, to get off at which station so that I wouldn’t be taken to another suburb. Travelling was easy since the place was close to public transports. It only took 30 minutes to get to my college, actually I could go to anywhere easily!

    Emma | Macquarie University

    Jing Zhang

    When told that I was going to live with an Italian family, I was pretty nervous and doubted whether they could speak good English as the local people? Yet it was no longer a problem when I saw them. They knew the problems of people who first came to Australia and always tried to help me. I learned so many things about both Australian and Italian culture and enjoyed tasty Italian meals every time. Awesome!

    Jing Zhang | Griffith University

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