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8 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mental Health

OSHCstudents-Have you ever wondered what healthy habits you should add to your list of to-dos? If you keep a habit, sooner or later it can feel like a part of you. So the healthier, the better. Looking for advice on how to improve mental health? Here are a couple of mental health tips to help you out!
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Go for a Stroll

Taking a leisurely walk provides a straightforward yet highly effective means to enhance your cardiovascular health, elevate your energy levels, and clear your thoughts. Just an 8-minute stroll around your neighborhood or workplace can work wonders in alleviating stress and enhancing your overall well-being. If you’re feeling sluggish or lacking motivation, a brief walk can do wonders for lifting your spirits and increasing productivity.

Engage in Meditation

Meditation serves as a straightforward and potent approach for stress reduction, boosting self-awareness, and enhancing mental well-being. All that’s required is a tranquil setting and 8 minutes of sitting down to focus on your breath. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Strive to empty your mind of all thoughts and concentrate solely on your breath. If your mind starts to wander, gently guide your attention back to your breath. In just 8 minutes, you’ll find yourself feeling more composed and relaxed.

Engage in Gentle Stretching

A sedentary lifestyle or prolonged periods at a desk can lead to muscle tension and stiffness. Dedicating just 8 minutes to stretching can significantly improve flexibility, alleviate muscle discomfort, and enhance blood circulation to your muscles. Consider stretching your arms, legs, and neck, holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds. You can even do these stretches right at your desk or in the comfort of your home.

Stay Hydrated

Maintaining proper hydration is crucial for overall health and well-being. Sipping a glass of water can help increase alertness, promote digestion, and fortify your immune system. Dehydration may result in headaches, fatigue, and even affect your cognitive abilities. Therefore, make it a point to consume an adequate amount of water throughout the day to ensure your body operates at its optimal level.

Cultivate Gratitude

Practicing gratitude stands as a potent method for enhancing mental well-being, alleviating stress, and cultivating happiness. Devoting just 8 minutes to jot down things you are thankful for can shift your focus from negative to positive thoughts. Gratitude can also contribute to improved relationships and bolster feelings of social support. Thus, set aside a brief moment daily to recognize and appreciate the positive aspects of your life.

Immerse Yourself in Music

Music exerts a profound influence on our emotions and can effectively mitigate stress and anxiety, elevate mood, and enhance concentration. Spending 8 minutes immersing yourself in soothing or uplifting melodies can work wonders for your mental well-being and stress reduction. Whether your preference leans towards classical, pop, or jazz, locate a playlist that aids in relaxation and unwinding.

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing provides a simple and effective method for stress reduction, fostering relaxation, and elevating oxygen flow to both your brain and body. Devoting 8 minutes to deep breathing exercises can help tranquilize your mind and mitigate physical manifestations of stress, such as a racing heart or shallow breathing. Try inhaling deeply for 4 seconds, holding your breath for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8.

Indulge in Laughter

Laughter is indeed a potent remedy, and dedicating 8 minutes to watching a humorous video or reading a comical article can go a long way in stress reduction, bolstering your immune system, and enhancing your mood. Laughter releases endorphins, the body’s natural mood-lifting substances, which can diminish discomfort and foster relaxation. Thus, take a break from your work or daily routine and savor a hearty laugh.
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Baek Ah Yeon

I trust Allianz Care since it is one of the largest insurance companies in Australia, with the medical centres where I only have to pay for what is left from insurance support. (no need to claim later). Besides, those centres are located at the centre of the city, close to schools. Very convenient, right? Credits to Allianz Care for providing reliable medical centres for health check and treatments.

Baek Ah Yeon | University of Queensland

Ariella Pei

I’ve been living with homestay family for 2 years. I’m now 19, I can move out but I don’t want to leave my host, who has become my family. It feels like I’ve met my second family. Thanks OSHCstudents for sending me to this homestay!

Ariella Pei | University of Canberra

Chatchawat Paton

I realised how important insurance was when I started living in Australia. There I switched to using Allianz Care instead of the previous service. Allianz Care is extraordinarily good in its consulting service and customer care. I’ve learned a lot about Australian health care, also I was consulted with mental issues and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am very happy now.

Chatchawat Paton | Torrent University

Phuong Anh

Having lived in Australia for 2 years, I’ve been reliant on AHM OSHC to pay for my health care, which supports me for other expenses. Last year, I sent my claim requests for several times and always received the claims within two days. Everything is easy, fast and simple.

Phuong Anh | Victoria University

Xiaoyu Cheng

Thanks to Allianz Care, every time I claimed my medical receipts it processed much more quickly and easily than I expected. I was initially a bit concerned since Allianz Care is more expensive than other insurance companies, but now I can ensure that it is totally worth the money.

Xiaoyu Cheng | Monash University


My homestay was very comfortable and convenient. My host was really kind. He showed me where to shop, which buses to catch, where the nearest train station is, to get off at which station so that I wouldn’t be taken to another suburb. Travelling was easy since the place was close to public transports. It only took 30 minutes to get to my college, actually I could go anywhere easily!

Emma | Macquarie University

Jing Zhang

When told that I was going to live with an Italian family, I was pretty nervous and doubted whether or not they could speak English well as the local people? Yet it was no longer a problem when I saw them. They knew the problems of people who first came to Australia and always tried to help me. I learned so many things about both Australian and Italian culture and enjoyed tasty Italian meals every time. Awesome!

Jing Zhang | Griffith University

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